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I have added a new Animated Gifs Folder. All Gifs are to put placed in this folder.
I shall be back (hopefully) later with some updates. Also All other admins are free to post journals and what not. ^^
Well everyone I hope you all had WONDERFUL holidays. At this time ALL SECRET SANTA PIECES ARE UPLOADED!
Now to say who drew who's request!

:iconsacchii: Drew :iconsun-ashamaru:'s request
KOEI Warriors Secret Santa 2013 by Sacchii

:iconsun-ashamaru: wrote a fic for :iconsacchii:
Secret Santa 2013 Request, Jia Chong x Li WanIt was cold and it snowed the whole time. It was the day Li Wan dreaded the whole time she knew, her father Li Feng was being executed as a traitor by her lord Sima Zhao, but things got worse as she saw her husband Jia Chong enter the home with tears streaming down his eyes, “Lord Sima Zhao told me that you are going to be on exile, I’m sorry but-” “say no more, I understand your reasoning for our divorce” said Li Wan,
Jia Chong hugged her saying “we may no longer be husband and wife, but I hope to see you again” “You must look after our daughters, I beg of you” said Li Wan,
But before Jia Chong could speak, the gong sounded, it was the sign that the traitor has been executed,
Jia Chong looked at the gong and back, Li Wan was gone, his eldest daughter Jia Bao who was two years old looked around asking “Where’s mommy?” “She’s been exiled by daddy’s boss” answered Jia Chong, he then knelt down

:iconsakohju: drew for :icondraven4157:
Ina by sakohju

:icondraven4157: drew for :iconazusasexual:
DW_StrikeForce 2]Beauty Yu(Secret Santa) by Draven4157

:iconazusasexual: drew for :iconcheeb:
Xmas by Azusasexual

:iconcheeb: drew for :iconsakohju:
KW Secret Santa by cheeb

:iconlordmakar: drew for :iconkaptainknave:
Koei Warrior Secret Santa 2013 by LordMakar

:iconkaptainknave: drew for :iconlordmakar:
SecretSanta/KoeiWarriors by KaptainKnave

And last of all :iconedgekagami: drew the sample joke request
Secret Santa Lu Bu Xmas by EdgeKagami
What else is more awesome then Lu BU in pajamas with pony redhares on them ha ha ha

THANK YOU everyone for being here this year. It turned into a great success =D maybe we can do a spring or summer themed contest later in the wonderful year of 2014. Thank you ALL AGAIN! I hope everyone had fun!
Thanks again
-Admin and Founder of the Koei-Warriors DA group
Shagami :iconshagami:
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Welcome to Koei-Warriors!
Koei-Warriors is a group formed to collect art of games created by Koei, we accept all art, fan-fiction, and Cosplay of the Koei Warriors.

Rules for art submissions:

- We do NOT allow use of Koei Renders in the group , not even wallpapers, siggys and the like. Please don't let us get banned by Deviantart

- Check that you have submitted your art to the right folder before you click that button!
It will help us a lot

- No art theft.
If you use resources from elsewhere, please give them credit in your description. (E.g. Patterns and photos for background.) Traced works are not accepted

- Please do not submit Sengoku Basara art, they belong to Capcom





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Attention Dynasty Warriors fans. There's a contest that started which is related to DW in a group I'm in. Check here for details:…
thanks for the accept
I'm Sora from Indonesia
nice to meet u ^^
Burning-Butterfly Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hnnng...I found those reallyawesomekawaii KOEI warriors manga thingies and...CURSE YOU PAYPAL!! also almost all of thos Mitsunari IshidaXKiyomasa Katö were sold...AND THOSE KAWAII MASANORI AND KIYOMASA THINGS ...hnnng my life is over XDD
WarriorAngel36 Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can we get a folder for animated gifs? (if possible)
Shagami 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Sorry for such a late reply; but Gif folder has been added
WarriorAngel36 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for including my pictures in your gallery~! :heart: :happybounce:
truenotdreams Nov 1, 2013   Digital Artist
I'm not sure if this would help you guys or not. But I found a blog that has quite a lot of Koei Warriors renders here.
Puu-nyan Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for adding my DaQiao fanart…, but I think u added it in the wrong folder.
Can move it to Dynasty Warriors folder plz? thx >.<
Shagami Oct 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Should be in the right place now.
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