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Valentines Day is approaching fast. February 14th is suppose to be a day of love. So here is a little event to hopefully get some more action in the group

From Today Jan 22nd 2015 to Feb 14th 2015 submit a valentines day themed piece.
Please note there are no prizes for this. It's just hopefully something to kick start the group.

Please keep the images pg-13.
Keep it tasteful. Would you show this to a child?
Holding hands, light kisses, hugging are all acceptable.
Let's try to challenge ourselves to draw less popular couples!
Same gender couples are ok along with fan OCs.
You can create and submit up to TWO (2) submissions for this.
All artwork should be new and your work only.

I'll create and open the folder on Feb 1st 2015.
FOLDER IS NOW OPEN I apologize for the lateness

Other Notes:
For the secret santa it seems three pieces are still not in. Two people never showed back up and so those two will be banned from any group activities for a while. The third had an extension but still hasn't submitted. I sent one more notice; if it is not in by Feb 1st. They will also be banned from any group activities. If someone wants to take over drawing that request you may note me about it.
Thanks everyone
I hope this year of 2015 will be generous to everyone.  

Thank you for sticking with the group for another year! I hope this group has a wonderful 2015 as well!

Secret Santa reveals

koei warriors)secret santa_wang yuanji by Draven4157
by Draven4157
for EdgeKagami

Secret Santa 2014: Winter Forest by Amber2002161
by Amber2002161
for firstarXOXpokemon/xthe-twilight-wolfx

Secret Santa - SW Present Wrapping by cheeb
by Cheeb
for Amber2002161

Oda Snow Day by sakohju
by sakohju
for YoakeRin

.secret.santa. by Burning-Butterfly
by Burning-Butterfly
for Cheeb

Secret Santa Xiahou Ba with Hot Chocolate by EdgeKagami
by EdgeKagami
for toshiyanemura

KOEI Secret Santa 2014 by iKazuko
by iKazuko
for sakohju

Secret Santa: Jia Chong x Li Wan by YoakeRin
by YoakeRin
Draw for Sacchii

KOEI Warriors Secret Santa 2014 by Sacchii
by Sacchii
for Burning-Butterfly

Secret Santa by xThe-Twilight-Wolfx
Draw for iKazuko

Draw for Sibauchi

Secret Santa Nobuyuki by EdgeKagami
Draw for Draven4157

Thank you everyone for participating in the event. The artwork is great! 
I am sorry for those who's art isnt in yet; we have two extensions which should be in soon; the other two...seems to have gone MIA. The ones that have gone MIA will be banned from future events if pieces arent uploaded soon. Also those waiting for a piece from someone who has gone MIA will have a piece done by either me Shagami or my wonderful backup admin EdgeKagami


Update: All Secret Santa pieces are in! (Except Toshiyanemura, but Sibauchi didn't submit either, so we'll going to ignore that.)
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About Us

Welcome to Koei-Warriors!
Koei-Warriors is a group formed to collect art of games created by Koei, we accept all art, fan-fiction, and Cosplay of the Koei Warriors.

Rules for art submissions:

- We do NOT allow use of Koei Renders in the group , not even wallpapers, siggys and the like. Please don't let us get banned by Deviantart
As for official 2D Koei artwork, we will accept only if used to display the accuracy of your artwork. (E.g. Cosplay costume/doll/pose) It must not be the only subject of your submitted artwork.

- Check that you have submitted your art to the right folder before you click that button!
It will help us a lot

- No art theft.
If you use resources from elsewhere, please give them credit in your description. (E.g. Patterns and photos for background.)

- Please do not submit Sengoku Basara art, they belong to Capcom. Only case allowed are crossovers; and they must have a Koei character.





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thank you guys for merging the great groups. 
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Thank you for the request!^^
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I created this character for Musou Orochi and if you want we can roleplay!~  ^_^…
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Attention Dynasty Warriors fans. There's a contest that started which is related to DW in a group I'm in. Check here for details:…
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thanks for the accept
I'm Sora from Indonesia
nice to meet u ^^
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Hnnng...I found those reallyawesomekawaii KOEI warriors manga thingies and...CURSE YOU PAYPAL!! also almost all of thos Mitsunari IshidaXKiyomasa Katö were sold...AND THOSE KAWAII MASANORI AND KIYOMASA THINGS ...hnnng my life is over XDD
WarriorAngel36 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can we get a folder for animated gifs? (if possible)
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Sorry for such a late reply; but Gif folder has been added
WarriorAngel36 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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