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Hey-o folks, gaming123456 here with an update regarding Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.

So, with September 2nd (NA) and September 5th (EU) coming real soon, I bet some of you are questioning about how much gigabytes the game might take up.
Well, according to yesterday's Tweet from Koei-Tecmo, the PS Vita version will take up about 3358MBs; almost 3GBs. However, there's no word yet about the PS3 version. The original WO3 took up about 11GBs. As Ultimate is both the base game and an expansion to the original WO3, we can assume it's more than at least 15GBs worth. Or even 22GBs like the digital copy of DW8: Xtreme Legends (XL containing the contents of the original DW8 and XL; two games in one kind of deal).

There is also no word about how much memory the game will take up on PS4/X1, but don't be too surprised if it's worth a lot. A lot of PS4/X1 titles always seems to take up more than 20GBs anyways lol. Sometimes only 11MBs too.

Remember, only the PS4 and XboxOne versions are in both physical and digital for NA/EU. Whereas the PS3 and PS Vita are only digital, also for both regions.

Cross-save is featured in the game. Playstation users can upload the save data via Playstation Network and download it to any Playstation system; PS3, PS Vita, and PS4. Also remember, Playstation owners, if you still have the save data of the original WO3, you can import all your progress towards Ultimate. Then you can have fun cross-saving X3
This feature has not been specify for XboxOne owners, however, according to the official website, if you purchased any DLCs from the original WO3, you can redownload it free of charge for Ultimate.

For more specific info about cross-save, click here to see the official website:…

So, who's ready to delete some stuff? I'm prepared! Oh and don't forget Samurai Warriors 4 ;3
Hey! Check it out; Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 is coming out sometime in 2014! BUT like with Chronicles 2nd, it's Japan exclusive.
Here's the link to the official game's website:…

The first-two Chronicles games were mainly Nintendo 3DS exclusives, but this time, the 3rd installment will now be ported on both 3DS and PS Vita!

So, who's excited to import a copy when it launches? lol X3
Is there still time for the 3rd game to come to the West? After skipping the 2nd game and the failed success of selling SW3 on the Wii and Chronicles 1 on the 3DS, who knows?

Oh and don't forget to say, "Happy 10th Anniversary, Samurai Warriors!"
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