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Welcome everyone to the 4th annual Koei-Warriors Secret Santa event.
All edits will be added at the bottom of the journal, along with the people who have currently joined in. 

:spotlight-left: What is a Secret Santa?:spotlight-right:

Secret Santa is when a group of people will randomly exchange gifts with someone else. For us, it'll be a huge art trade, and now with writing as well. I will randomly assign people a request based on what they wish for in return. (art for writing, writing for writing, ETC) You will not know who will have your request, and to make it fair, they will not really know who's request they will have either. They will receive a note with the request you gave and that is it.

But I do not celebrate Christmas!

That is ok, because of this I will ask you all to make sure the submission is more Winter-y Themed then Christmas Themed. Or more it should be themed for the commercially known Christmas then the religiously known Christmas. If you have problems with this, please let me know when you send in your request that you would like it more one way then the other. (As in you would rather see winter events like snowball fights then people opening presents or something of that effect)

:santa: How it will work and time frame:santa:

Starting Today November 8th 2014 at 09:00 AM PST (GMT/UTC - 8 ) Sign-ups are open. Just note the GROUP with this link if you want to send in your form. After sign-ups end on November 17th 2014 (time unknown for now) I will gather all the requests and based on what is in them (in terms of what you will and will not draw, what you wish for in return and etc) I will randomize the requests and send them out in notes.

At this moment I, :iconshagami: Shagami, will be the only one, who will know who which people will have. I will only join in if we do not have an equal amount of people joining in. On or around Dec 19th 2014, I will create a folder in the group labeled Secret Santa 2014 and will open it for submissions. On that date you may upload your finished piece to the gallery. I ask that you do NOT upload the piece into your own deviant gallery until that day as well. You may, however, keep it in your as long as you do not link it out anywhere. People are smarter than you think and you do not want to ruin the gift for someone.

The DEADLINE will be December 26th 2014 at MIDNIGHT your timezone listed on your DA page (if you have one). The folder in gallery will be locked on December 31st 2014 the time is still unknown. If you think you will have any problems submitting your finished piece by then, please note me so we can talk it out, and I can send an update to the person you are doing the request for. Let's try to submit fully finished pieces, not fast unfinished sketches.


All requests must be Koei-Warrior related. That means anything made by Koei-Tecmo. This means games like Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Kessen, RoTK, Dyntasy Warriors: Gundam, Bladestorm, Ninja Gaiden, Fist of the North Star,  Zill O'll, Warriors: Legends of Troy and other Koei-Warrior games. (for a list please check out the side bar on the main website. Anything listed under "Koei Warriors" and "Other Koei Warriors" will be accepted.
NOTE: SENGOKU BASARA IS NOT A KOEI GAME. IT IS CAPCOM. Please do NOT request any thing from Sengoku Basara.
Just to let you all know, in the last two years we have been doing this all requests have been either Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors or Warriors Orochi.
When making requests please keep in mind the various skill levels of the artists and writers around you. Armor tends to be a hard thing to draw... *stares at you Xiahou Ba!* If you have a certain outfit you want drawn please make sure it is clear.
ALL REQUESTS, ARTWORKS AND WRITINGS MUST BE PG-13. They need to be suitable for those young eyes we have out there. No nudity, sexual themes or extreme violence.

:pointr: IMPORTANT RULES::pointl:

  • 1. ALL ARTWORK/WRITING MUST BE 100% YOURS! NO TRACING, NO UPLOADING OF ARTWORK THAT IS NOT YOURS, NO EDITING, NO RENDERS, NO PLAGIARISM. If I (or anyone else) catch you cheating, (with tracing/editing others artwork *in other words any ART THEFT* or plagiarism) I will report to deviantart, withdraw your request from the person who is in charge of it and ban you from the group.
  • 2. Graphics like avatars, signatures and banners are not allowed due to the render and editing rules. (Sorry DA rules)
  • 3. Writers, while your writings do not need to be prefect, please check for spelling and grammar. Make sure it is easy to read. Based on size 12 font, Arial, single spaced; all writing submissions should be at minimum 450 words (about 1 page). For the maximum words, I don'y really think we need one, just don't make novels. These will be like short stories/fan-fiction. I think you should aim for between 600 words to 2000 words (1 1/3rd of a page to 4 pages). Then again this is all based on simple formatting. Your actually page count could be smaller or larger based on the setting you use.
  • 4. Artwork can be digital or traditional. Please make sure it is not too big or small. Traditional artist please make sure it is scanned or photographed nicely. You may upload a crappy cell phone image as long as you upload a clear version later. (This is in case of things like you finished the art while visiting family in another state, but they do not have a scanner or it broke and you can not scan it until you return home or fix it. If this DOES happen please upload the clean finished version ASAP, also should state that in the artist description as well. )
  • 5. HAVE FUN! This is going to be a gift for someone. Let us make their day!

Finished Pieces:

Art work must be completely finished, unless discussed with me. You should NOT upload Works in Progress, unless something happens, its close to deadline and you think you will not finished until right after the deadline date. This is for emergency's only.
When you upload/submit your piece, please copy and paste the request into the artist description/comments as well. On January 2nd 2015 I will post a journal of who drew who and link to the submissions.

Form Time:

Name: (your DA username)
Request: (try to be as clear as possible, especially if you want something written. Maker sure to mention the series and  characters you are requesting along with any details like version outfits/costumes/psychical looks. IE Sun Juan looks widely different between DW5 and DW6 and so on.)
What are you willing to draw/write: (Will you draw single people only or will you draw couples or groups? Only draw males or females? Will you draw/write straight/yaoi/yuri parings or any light romance at all. Will you draw Anthro, Armor or Mecha? stuff like this should be mentioned. )
Are you an artist or writer: (Please let me know what you are, or if you can do both.)
What do you wish for in return: (What do you prefer getting back: Art or Writing. You can ask to be surprised, in this case the artist or writer will chose either to draw or write for you)
Any notes?:

Below is a sample request of what should be sent.

Name: Shagami
Request: Dynasty Warriors 8 Lu Bu stuck in snow being made into a snowman by his daughter Lu Lingqi.
What are you willing to draw/write: I am willing to draw almost everyone. No armor, mecha or anthro. I can not draw older people. Couples yes, groups no.
Are you an artist or writer: I am an artist but I am willing to write if there is not enough people. I am not good at writing though.
What do you wish for in return: Surprise me!
Any notes?: This is a sample request.

Here is a list of those who have sent in a request. I hope for even numbers! Thank you everyone.
PS: For those who don't know, my laptop is broken and I am unable to update as often as I should be. Hopefully it should be repaired by the end of the month of November.

Current list of Secret Santa Participants
- Amber2002161
- cheeb
- sakohju
- toshiyanemura
- Draven4157
- Sibauchi
- EdgeKagami
- Burning-Butterfly
- iKazuko
- YoakeRin
- Sacchii
- firstarxoxpokemon

Shagami edit: I extended the sign up until Monday as that is when I will access a real computer again.
Edit: I will be closing the sign ups tonight at 10pm UTC- 8 (California Time Zone)
Edit: Sign ups are now closed; Please look for the requests being sent out in the next few days.
Edit: I Shgaami have sent out the requests. I have matched everyone up as much as I could. Have fun everyone.
EDIT: I went ahead and opened the folder. ENJOY
How are those Secret Santa requests coming?
Good I hope!
Please remember if you have any questions to note me :iconshagami: asap!

On the 19th, in 8 days, I'll be opening the folder!
the deadline is DEC 26th @ MIDNIGHT YOUR TIMEZONE!
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About Us

Welcome to Koei-Warriors!
Koei-Warriors is a group formed to collect art of games created by Koei, we accept all art, fan-fiction, and Cosplay of the Koei Warriors.

Rules for art submissions:

- We do NOT allow use of Koei Renders in the group , not even wallpapers, siggys and the like. Please don't let us get banned by Deviantart
As for official 2D Koei artwork, we will accept only if used to display the accuracy of your artwork. (E.g. Cosplay costume/doll/pose) It must not be the only subject of your submitted artwork.

- Check that you have submitted your art to the right folder before you click that button!
It will help us a lot

- No art theft.
If you use resources from elsewhere, please give them credit in your description. (E.g. Patterns and photos for background.)

- Please do not submit Sengoku Basara art, they belong to Capcom. Only case allowed are crossovers; and they must have a Koei character.





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