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UPDATE: All Nominations are added at the end of the post. Look Forward to the next couple of days when I announce the features!
All nominations are closed! I will get the thread updated with all the noms here after a while (since I am on mobile)
Update: I have extended the Nominations time frame until October 16th

Since Samurai Warriors 4 comes out for the US and Europe On October 21st and 24th respectively, I thought about having a few pieces featured in both the featured folder and in a Journal in celebration of the release!

So from today Sept 13th 2014 until October 13th  16th 2014.  I will be taking nominations for some pieces to get featured. It can from the following forms: Art (both digital and traditional) and Cosplay.
Renders, XNAlara, is not allowed

You can nominate someone else's art/cosplay piece. However it must follow the rules below. Also after the submission period ends I will messaging the original person to get permission to have it featured.
If it is of your own art please add a disclaimer or a note somewhere where it states that it has permission to be featured.

It must include any SW4 character in their SW4 incantation/form/outfit.
Meaning you want to submit Date Masamune, however he must be in his SW4 outfit and look his age.
All pieces must be pg-13. Aka would you want a child under the age of 13 to look at this?
no nudity even if it is tasteful.
Any art style is fine. any skill level is ok =D

All art must be of your (or the original artists if you are nominating someone elses work) original creation; no tracing, no doll bases (unless they are your own), no renders, no XNAlara models.
The pieces that have been created before this date may be submitted or you can create a completely new piece.
Make sure the artwork has been submitted to a folder here in the group as well

Remember these pieces will be featured in both the Featured Folder and a Journal in honor of the US and Europe release of the Samurai Warriors 4 game.

To enter/ nominate a piece please post the URL in this journal.
you can nominate two pieces one for art and one for cosplay
if you want you can second a piece that has been nominated before that you like so you dont need to post the URL again.

I hope this bring some more activity to the group!

The mods will be voting on the submissions ^^

edit: I updated some stuff
Edit: Here are the Nominations thus far
Story of Kanto, Hojo Ujiyasu and Kaihime by roadscream Nominated by EdgeKagami
SW4 - Yukimura and Kunoichi by roadscream Nominated by Shagami
Samurai Warriors 4 by maocosplay Nominated by Draven4157

yay Ranmaruuu~ by gravityfxxk Nominated by Shagami
Midday Victory by iKazuko Nominated by Ikazuko
Kunoichi Letting it Go by GuanYinping-plz Nominated by GuanYinping-plz
Hello everyone your mobile only founder here...
Here is some stuff that has happened recently:

1) We created a HYRULE WARRIORS folder so you can submit art for this game now.
However, art should be based on characters and content in this game mainly, so we do not expect to see characters like the Skull Kid (unless he becomes DLC) who are not in the game (As of now).

2) Interesting or high quality arts submitted each month might be put into the FEATURE folder by the moderators.

3) Please take note of the created MATURED THEME folder.
Regardless of game content, if your drawing involves anything.... indecent, please send it to this folder.
This is to be considerate of some viewers who do not want to look at this level of things.
If you are not sure whether to add to this folder, think whether it is suitable for children.

4) A Xnalara folder has been created for any art that uses Koei's Original Game models, regardless of game. Note that depending on Deviantart's stance, these models might be infringing copyright issues. We greatly encourage you to create your own 3D models instead, so that these can go into the normal game folders.

5) STOP SUBMITTING TO THE ANIMATED FOLDER unless your piece has a moving part to it!
You can animate your character's mouth moving, but if you only do a still image, it does not belong to this folder.
We are getting tired of moving it out of this folder.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you to EdgeKagami who has been doing a lot of the mod stuff since I am limited to Mobile right now and it sucks... Seriously why doesn't DA have a good official mobile app?
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About Us

Welcome to Koei-Warriors!
Koei-Warriors is a group formed to collect art of games created by Koei, we accept all art, fan-fiction, and Cosplay of the Koei Warriors.

Rules for art submissions:

- We do NOT allow use of Koei Renders in the group , not even wallpapers, siggys and the like. Please don't let us get banned by Deviantart
As for official 2D Koei artwork, we will accept only if used to display the accuracy of your artwork. (E.g. Cosplay costume/doll/pose) It must not be the only subject of your submitted artwork.

- Check that you have submitted your art to the right folder before you click that button!
It will help us a lot

- No art theft.
If you use resources from elsewhere, please give them credit in your description. (E.g. Patterns and photos for background.)

- Please do not submit Sengoku Basara art, they belong to Capcom. Only case allowed are crossovers; and they must have a Koei character.





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Hnnng...I found those reallyawesomekawaii KOEI warriors manga thingies and...CURSE YOU PAYPAL!! also almost all of thos Mitsunari IshidaXKiyomasa Katö were sold...AND THOSE KAWAII MASANORI AND KIYOMASA THINGS ...hnnng my life is over XDD
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can we get a folder for animated gifs? (if possible)
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Sorry for such a late reply; but Gif folder has been added
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Thank you very much for including my pictures in your gallery~! :heart: :happybounce:
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